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BeachWelcome, our web site serves the West Caribbean Islands of Roatan, Utila, and Guanaja off the North Coast of Honduras. Regardless of the Roatan real estate you are seeking, resort, villas, homes, land, investment or commercial property, we will help you understand the nuances of Roatan and Roatan properties.

We understand that buying Caribbean real estate is a lot more than just finding a good price. And many times when you are starting your search for the ideal paradise there may be questions that you don’t know to ask, that is why we have strived to bring you information that may not be necessary in the USA. The information you need to make informed buying decisions. You can expect the best real estate representation available. More >>

Roatan has a tremendous future, one of the best in the Caribbean. Honduras provides a stable government that encourages foreign investment in real estate, business and tourism. Twenty years ago you could buy beach property in the Caribbean islands of the Caymans or Costa Rica for as little as US $100.00 per foot for a half-acre building site. Today these areas are highly sought after properties. More >>

Roatan real estate is truly a tropical paradise, providing brilliant blue and clear water, palm-fringed beaches of Roatan are fanned by constant trade winds, exotic plants, and nature trails. Delight in one of the most extensive reef systems in the world, which offers spectacular diving and snorkeling. Surrounded by warm Caribbean waters, these hilly Roatan islands are as picturesque as they are unspoiled. More >>

Roatan tops the lists
of World Retirement locations


Roatan has received much publicity over the past several months, as one of the top spots in the world to retire. The island scores high in cost of living comparisons is becoming increasingly convenient to travel to and receives top marks for the level of contentment among those who have chosen to retire here. The added bonus of a buyer’s market is pushing many people to take the plunge and get in while the getting is good.

Roatan has risen to the top of the lists of Western Caribbean cruise destinations, the word is getting out. According to Ramon Paz, Immigration delegate, more than 160,000 tourists have climbed upon our sunny shores during the past two months, representing a 5% increase over just last year.

Read about the explosive growth and most recent developments on Roatan. See what the Wall Street Journal, International Living Magazine, and others are saying about Roatan and the Bay Islands. Read our latest eNewsletter. More >>

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Port Royal Stunning Property, Roatan,
View Photos (9)
Property Type: Land
Area: Old Port Royal
Description: Port Royal is one of the most exceptional undeveloped large tracts of prope...
Last Updated: September - 30 - 2020
Acres!, West Bay Land Development: 25, Roatan,
View Photos (5)
Property Type: Land
Area: West Bay
Description: Roatan landscape is composed of hilly terrains covered with lush tropical p...
Last Updated: September - 01 - 2020
The beach in West Bay is crystal clean and has white sand beaches
View Photos (59)
Property Type: Commercial
Area: West Bay
Subdivision: West Bay
Description: Bananarama Dive Resort is located right in the center of West Bay Beach wit...
Last Updated: January - 19 - 2021
Land Development, Crawfish Rock, Roatan,
View Photos (9)
Property Type: Land
Area: Crawfish Rock
Description: 98 acres with 600 feet of beach front, located in Crawfish Rock . Property ...
Last Updated: May - 11 - 2021
Coral Beach Village, Utila,
View Photos (24)
Property Type: Commercial
Area: Utila
Description: Coral Beach Village is a unique development opportunity located on the Sout...
Last Updated: March - 31 - 2021
Orilla del Mar -By The Sea, Roatan,
View Photos (23)
Property Type: Land
Area: Sandy Bay
Description: Orilla Del Mar ~ By The Sea This enviable beachfront property is as beautif...
Last Updated: October - 13 - 2020
West Bay Beach, Island Pearl, Roatan,
View Photos (34)
Property Type: Commercial
Area: West Bay
Subdivision: West Bay Beach
Description: The Island Pearl property is now available for purchase. This irreplaceable...
Last Updated: September - 24 - 2020
White Sand Beaches
View Photos (22)
Property Type: Land
Area: Palmetto
Subdivision: Palmetto Bay Plantation
Description: This 65+ acre property with 797 ft. of white sand beach, is very gently slo...
Last Updated: December - 03 - 2020
Cayos Cochinos, Lambay Cay, Roatan,
View Photos (8)
Property Type: Land
Area: Other
Subdivision: Hog Islands
Description: Lambay Cay private Island – Can be yours!!! Untouched natural beauty, a t...
Last Updated: February - 24 - 2021
New Port Royal: 14 Acres!, Roatan,
View Photos (2)
Property Type: Land
Area: New Port Royal
Description: This stunning property sits on the eastern part of the island of Roatan and...
Last Updated: November - 10 - 2020

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