Healthcare on Roatan

Healthcare on Roatan

There are a number of doctors, dentists, optometrists and even chiropractors on the island. In general, the practitioners are caring and reasonably priced. For example, I had a fish hook stuck in my arm. I went to a Doctor practicing out of the Pharmacia in Oak Ridge.  She saw me within 5 minutes of walking in, removed the hook, cleaned the wound and charged $10. USD.  Roatan Hospital

Located in French Harbor, Hospital Cemesa Roatan opened a state of the art hospital in 2016.  The founders and staff have many years of experience in health care in hospitals in Honduras and abroad.

The services available are much as you would expect in any hospital ranging from 24/7 emergency to maternity. From diagnostic and imaging to full operation room facilities.

The outpatient services include: • Internal Medicine• Pediatrics• Gynecology and Obstetrics• Dermatology• Ophthalmology • Orthopedics• Physiotherapy• Pain Therapy• Odontology• Among others

In addition the Roatan facility has the full support of doctors in Hospital Cemesa in San Pedro Sula.
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GARM - Global Alliance for Regenerative MedicineLocated within the property of Parrot Tree Plantation, The Global Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (aka GARM) was formed in 2013 with the goal of providing safe and effective elective treatment and/or management options for patients diagnosed with select chronic disease states and/or acute injuries in a restorative resort environment. GARM believes in the use of adult autologous stem/stromal cells with biocellular medicine to help the body heal itself the way in which nature intended.

The Global Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, S.A., is an established leader in the field of Regenerative Medicine. They have assembled a dream team of highly regarded and reputable physicians, surgeons, and experts from various countries. Along with Hospital Cemesa, Hospital Cemesa Roatan, and UNAH, GARM enjoys synergistic relationships that provide patients with the most recent technological advances in regenerative medicine, the highest quality medical care in new, private facilities, internationally recognized physicians and surgeons, as well as ethical, well-designed clinical research.
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