Get Your Culture On – Daytriping

Sundays in Punta Gorda are the days of the drum circles. This family event is celebrated every Sunday by both the local
s and an increasing number of tourists. There are a few good places to eat and drink. On the west end of Punta Gorda there is always a crowd in front of Perla’s near the largest Drum Circle.

At the other end of town is Ruthie’s. Home to one of the best fried fish dinners I have ever had the pleasure of eating.

In the middle is the Flamingo Cultural Center, a non-profit organization that empowers Roatan families and preserves the Garifuna culture. Sundays in Punta Gorda have always been about getting together with loved ones and eating a nice home cooked Sunday dinner. The Flamingo Cultural Center creates the same ambiance that they experience in their family home.

Two dishes that are served on Sundays are Machuca and good ‘ol Rice ‘N’ Beans. Machuca is a seafood soup made in a rich coconut milk broth. The soup includes fish, fresh herbs and is accompanied with mashed plantains.   Price: L.200 (The exchange rate is currently about L.23-$1 USD).