Stairway to HeavenClimbing Mount Calabash

Meet Happy Buyers
Mike and Gail Albee

Mike and Gail first climbed the steps to their island dream home six years ago and have never looked back. Originally from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Mike was the project manager for a large construction company and Gail was the payroll administrator for a Fortune 500 company in Southern Florida.

They frequently set sail from the dock outside their Florida residence to the Bahamas aboard Gala, their 33’ Clearwater Offshore Cutter. Mike and Gail were actively searching for a sailing base in the Caribbean. They considered the Bahamas and visited Belize but when they landed on the island of Roatan it was love at first sight.

“I wish I could tell you that I had a formal plan,” Mike apologized. “But the truth is, it just sort of fell into place. An old friend had been begging me for some time to let him show me the island, so I agreed to meet him here. I returned home, eager to research property on the island. I discovered About Roatan Real Estate’s website on the internet and got in touch with Alex Poirier, a buyer’s agent for the company.

Coincidentally, about two months later, a business associate from Calgary approached me about a position on the island of Roatan. “It’s a huge building project on 100 acres,” said my friend. “And we need a guy just like you.” “We landed on the island on a Saturday,” said Gail. “Alex picked us up and checked us into a lovely little hotel called the Pasado Arco Iris in West End.
He took his time getting to know us and finding out what our idea of the perfect island home was. On Sunday, he picked us up and drove us to the east end of the island, where he took us by boat to see a property in Calabash Bight. We had seen the pictures in the listing and Mike had warned me that no matter how much I loved the place, I was not to show any emotion.”
“The place was perfect,” Mike added. “A comfortable home with a broad, wrap-around porch sat perched high on a hill, with a view to die for, a beautiful 60-foot dock, not one but two skiffs (boats), a boat house and even a travel lift to haul items up the steep hill.

Although we both had fallen in love with Mount Calabash, we didn’t want to make an uneducated decision, so we asked Alex to show us other island properties in the same price range. However, there was nothing comparable that had the deep water access that we needed for our sailboat. So, we took the plunge and Mount Calabash became ours.

Now we watch the sun rise over the glorious Caribbean Sea and enjoy the sun setting below the steamy jungle, every day. We have never once regretted the decision to move to Roatan.”