Tis the Season for Sharing

As the holiday season approaches, individuals and businesses become even more involved in giving something back to the community that we have come to call our own.
On Friday, November 28th, the staff of Mango Creek Lodge traveled over water and land to deliver over 2,000 books to the schools of Santos Guardiola, on the east end of Roatan. Every school in the municipality received resource material for teachers, text books for reading, writing, math, and science, story books, and novels. There was material included for students ranging from grade 1 through high school.

The day began in Oak Ridge, where Mango Creek staff met with local politicians. Teledifusora Insular (Channel 9news) met and filmed staff members at the next stop, in First Bight. Then, staff members split into smaller groups, to make book deliveries to the communities of Pollytilly, Jultigalpa, Milton Bight, Punta Gorda, Diamond Rock, Camp Bay, Jonesville, Jonesville Bight, Oak Ridge, Pandytown, Calabash Bight, and St Helene.
The gratitude of teachers and students alike taught the staff members a valuable lesson in the joy of giving and the importance of reading.

The list of individuals who share their time and resources to make a difference in the lives of those in our community is endless. One such woman, Kat Ebanks, has recently opened a City Embrace Counseling and Resource Centre on the island.
In the past few months, Kat has worked to establish Prosperity Vocational Centre (PVC) in Oak Ridge, brought sexual health services to those in need, set up clinics, and formed new relationships with local authorities and community leaders.

At the vocational center, local women are learning all aspects of starting and running a business. With the recent ban on plastic shopping bags on the island, there is a need for reusable shopping bags, something that until now has not been readily available on the island. The women in the vocational center are sewing beautiful, heavy-duty canvas shopping bags with waterproof plastic bottoms and advertising them as the last grocery bag you’ll ever buy!
To order one of these beautiful bags or to find out more about City Embrace, visit https://www.facebook.com/CityEmbrace?fref=nf