Which Fruit Will Be In Season When You Visit Roatan?

One of the most amazing experiences you will have while on Roatan is the freshness of all of the food! It will make you think twice before purchasing that “organic” or “100% natural” product from your local supermarket. Quite often, you will find natural drinks or snacks offered at restaurants according to what is in season. This is one of the priceless luxuries that only Caribbean living can bring. Below are some of the fruits that you can indulge in while they are in season. If you want to book your Roatan vacation according to this list, go right ahead!


roatan avacado

Season: July – August

Health Benefits:  aids in maintaining healthy skin, aids in digestion and weight management, reduces risk of cardiovascular disease

Dishes that can be made: guacamole, add it to your salads, add it to your sandwiches, add it to the Honduran local dish baleada, use it as a face mask or hair mask.



Season: June – August

Health benefits: prevents cancer, lowers cholesterol, alkalizes the whole body, improves digestion, helps fight heat stroke

What you can make with it: mango jam, juice, chutney, body scrub, mask for acne




Season: April – July

Health benefit: aids in weight loss, has high percentage of dietary fibers, shiny hair

What you can make with it: milk, wine, toss it in salad, great snack




Season: July – September

Health benefit: rich in protein, calcium and fatty acids, helps prevent constipation, helps prevent diabetes

What you can make with it: wine , jelly