Buyer’s Agent

The advantages of using a qualified “buyer’s agent”, especially in today’s  “buyer’s market” are significant.

  • Savings: A buyer’s agent will always negotiate the best price and terms possible for you, the buyer. The buyer’s agent will also disclose to you any known information about the seller concerning urgency to sell a property. Also, we are now seeing bonuses being offered to agents for selling a particular home.  If there is such a bonus we disclose it and pass it on to you.
  • Time Savings: Most agents have a large inventory of listings which they are obliged to show first. The buyer’s agent will sit down with you and determine what type of home best suits your needs, then search the computer (database), listing books and other sources to locate only the homes that meet your criteria.
  • Confidentiality: Any facts known about you that could hurt your negotiating position will be kept confidential. On the other hand, when working with a sub-agent, all facts about you (including how much you can spend) must, by law, be divulged to the seller.
  • Representation: From negotiations through closing, a buyer’s agent always looks out for the buyer’s best interest.
  • Loyalty: With a true buyer’s agent, you will always know your agent’s loyalty is to you.
  • Peace of mind: Selecting a buyer’s agent means any known facts which could adversely affect the value of a property will be disclosed to the purchaser.

Our guarantee: There is no charge to you, the seller pays for this service. Sales commissions on Roatàn are high at 10%, paid by the seller. I charge only a quarter of that, 2.5%, and receive the same percentage regardless of which property you choose, so I can remain impartial, working solely for you.

I only ask that you do not work with another agent while we are looking at the various listings. I do this so I am not perceived as being in competition with the other agents as I rely on their cooperation and good will. If you feel that our relationship is not working for you; simply tell me and pursue your interests in any other way you choose electric self-balancing unicycle.

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