A Buying Guide for Caribbean Real Estate: Homes for Sale in Roatan

Roatan, once a British colony, is a Caribbean island roughly 40 miles from the coast of Honduras that draws vacationers who enjoy gorgeous marine life and beaches. The island has its own airport, RTB, that provides easy access to visitors arriving from New York, Miami and a host of other locations via major airlines. Still, the island is a refreshing alternative to more touristy locales. Its classic tropical beauty makes it an ideal destination for both the retired and non-retired to buy property. There are a variety of other reasons why investing in a villa, house or even commercial property here is a great idea.

Why Roatan?

The Caribbean is one of the most sought after locales in the world to own real estate. Prices on land and property on the many islands that comprise it can be steep and involve a lot of red tape, unfortunately. Roatan offers considerably more affordable real estate than Caribbean islands that are more on the beaten track, which makes it a treasure trove for real estate investors looking for buying opportunities that aren’t only oriented towards the super rich.

How difficult is it for foreigners to buy land and property?

Legal restrictions that make it difficult for foreigners to construct condos, other commercial property or retirement dream homes don’t exist here. You don’t need to be a citizen to take advantage of the potential rewards that owning Caribbean real estate that Roatan offers. You’re entitled to buy up to .74 acres of land intended for residential building. Partnering with a local company, however, gives more leeway because it enables a foreigner to buy as much land as they’re interested in on which they can build commercially or privately. Filing the legal paperwork to be able to enter into a partnership with a local corporation is straightforward and can be done for less than $2,000. Once the papers are authorized, the legal right to invest in commercial or residential real estate is made possible, offering all the investing options of a citizen.

Is Honduras a stable enough country to invest in?

Roatan is a rare blend of scenic, affordable and politically stable, so any investor who wants a return on investment from Caribbean island real estate without braving uncertain social or economic conditions will find themselves right at home here. Attracting foreign investment is part of the local government’s growth strategy. The process is transparent and not a risky Caribbean real estate investment. The infrastructure has undergone significant development in recent years. Banks, supermarkets and health clubs are easy to find. The island has a diverse selection of areas in which to shop and live.

What’s the quality of life?

West Roatan is the area considered to have the best beaches and shops that sell fishing and diving gear. Coxen Hole is regarded as the downtown section where health care facilities as well as an array of other services can be found. Brick Bay is the lovely harbor where islanders can dock their fishing boats. The U.S dollar can be used everywhere. Roatan has its own domestic currency known as the Lempira too, however.

What sort of visas programs are in place?

Prospective Caribbean island real estate investors can expect to receive up to 90 days when they arrive at the airport. Extensions of up to three months are given upon request. Look into the island residency visa known as the The “Rentista” that allows an investor to live on the island as long as property they own locally nets $2,500. Retirees who have proof of income of $1,500 monthly from a government pension or other stable source qualify to legally retire on Roatan. It’s truly the best kept investment opportunity in the Caribbean. Anyone interested in buying and building property is advised to explore its unique lifestyle options as well as its Caribbean real estate for sale. Roatan’s one of the most unspoiled and inexpensive real estate locations in the Caribbean. Contact us today for more information!