A Guide to Buying Caribbean Investment Properties

Thinking of investing in property but just not quite sure where that property should be? Look no further than the Western Caribbean island of Roatan for great Caribbean investment properties at affordable prices. This tiny (approximately 25 miles long and 3 miles wide) jewel of an island has much to offer for your Caribbean real estate investment. Property taxes are low and there is a wide variety of property choices.

Why Roatan?

Unlike other Caribbean islands, Roatan’s cost of living is very affordable, making the quality of life here easy and relaxing. Having some of the best beaches in all of Central America along with an average yearly temperature of 82 degrees and a constant sea breeze seems to be paradise. No need to worry about hurricanes – they generally occur only once every 25 years or so. The slow, steady growth and development means your investment is a safe one. A short 3-hour flight from Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, or Miami is all it takes to come to check out all the island has to offer.

Types of Properties

Caribbean investment properties range from beachside condos to houses, businesses and vacant property ready to build. Choose a simple beach shack in the middle of the action or a quieter location on the mountain ridge that runs through the center of the island. The south and eastern ends of the island are not yet as developed as the west end, so there are plenty of opportunities to find the perfect spot for your investment.

Questions to Ask

Before purchasing any real estate, ask yourself a few questions:

1- Will this simply be a vacation home?

If the property will be used as a vacation or quick get-away, perhaps a condo or smaller, less expensive place will suffice. Decide what will best suit your needs and taste before buying!

2 – Do I plan to retire here?

If retirement is in your plans, this will be your main residence so figure out exactly what lifestyle you’re seeking and can afford. There are beautiful villas available as well as simple, stylish homes from which to choose.

3 – Is this going to be an income-producing property?

With two cruise ship ports and an international airport, tourism is a fast-growing industry. Now is the perfect time to buy or build a business to help serve those tourists. Year-round income can also be produced through housing rentals.

A Realtor is Important

The first step after determining what type of property you want is to find a local Realtor, one who is familiar with the properties available and expert at walking you through the laws and paperwork required. A good Realtor will make the process easy, safe, and secure for you.

Contact us and let us help you find exactly what you’re looking for in this Caribbean paradise.