What is the Largest Reef in the Northern Hemisphere? Roatan Honduras

That’s right the second largest barrier reef in the world is located in the Carribean off the coast of the Roatan Honduras to be exact. The reef encompasses the entire island of Roatan. The island itself is 48 miles long and 5 miles wide (at it’s the widest point)  The island marine life has recorded over 220 marine animals. In the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere. The island some of the marine animals include whale sharks, turtles, West Indian manatee, dolphins and much much more.

The marine life and coral reef are one of the many reasons people choose to buy homes on the island. In addition to the vast marine ecosystem. Roatan Honduras is one of the least known gems in the North Hemisphere, with World-class, infrastructure medical treatment, and shopping all in Island with less than 50,000 people you have a unique feel for what the simple island life is with all the comforts of a sophisticated city.