Air Travel to Roatan

There are many airline options for traveling to Roatan. Be sure to compare the ticket vendors listed below to find the best prices.

  • Taca flies to Roatan every day from Miami. Sunday is the best, it’s a direct flight.
  • Weekly, direct flights from Miami, Houston are provided by TACA.

Direct flights between Honduras and cities in North and Central America are provided by TACA, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta, Air Costa Rica.

  • Continental flies out of Houston on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Continental out of Newark on Saturdays
  • Delta from Atlanta on Saturdays

Domestic air service from the Honduran mainland to Roatan is provided by Islena & Sosa, also Atlantic Airlines.

Spirit Airline has been offering some very attractive prices out of Ft. Lauderdale, through the mainland pf Honduras, but the connections have not been convenient for most people.

Our International Airport code is RTB

Note: Some of our clients have had good luck with Quality Travel 305-471-0070.

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