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retired couple on RoatanWhere is Roatan?

Roatan is a Caribbean island about 35 to 40 miles off the north coast of Honduras in Central America.

How do I get there?

Direct flights between Honduras and cities in North and Central America are provided by TACA, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Air Costa Rica, and Delta Direct flights to Roatan from Miami, Houston and Atlanta. Domestic air service from the Honduran mainland to Roatan is provided by Islena & Sosa, also Atlantic Airlines.

Where can I stay?

There are many fine resorts, hotels and cabanas on the Island.

How do I get around?

The Island is easy to navigate by car, but please drive the roads in daylight before you drive them at night. There are several rental car agencies on the island — including Sandy Bay Rent-A-Car (504-445-1710) and Toyota Rent-A-Car (504-445-1166). Drivers are required to show a valid drivers license and a cash or credit card deposit. There are also taxis and buses — you should always negotiate the price for a taxi before leaving for your destination. In addition, most resorts will arrange transportation to and from the airport.

Can I use US currency?

Yes, most establishments will accept US currency as payment while you are on Roatan or in Honduras. However, the Honduran currency is the Lempira. You can receive a better exchange rate if you convert your dollars into Lempiras and pay for your purchases in Lempiras. The exchange rate as of 2017 is approximately 23.4999 Lempiras per dollar. There is also a 15% sales tax and 18% alcohol tax. Tipping is 10-15% is customary.

What is the weather like?

The climate is warm, usually in the ’80s. The dress for the entire island is very casual. Comfortable cool clothing, shorts, and lightweight pants are recommended. Even in the evening at better restaurants, the dress remains casual. There are mosquitoes and sand flies, but, if you use repellant, you should not be bothered. Hurricanes are few and far between, and Honduras is generally not in the path of large storms. Roatan enjoys tradewinds the majority of the year, which make the climate even more comfortable.

Are there medical facilities?

There are several clinics and one hospital on the island, and a recompression chamber for divers. Larger medical centers are available in San Pedro Sula (on the mainland) and La Ceiba. Emergencies can be handled by air ambulance, and a number of resort owners and individuals have their private planes berthed at the Roatan airport.

Anthony’s Key Resort Clinic which is manned by two doctors and one EMT and which provides assistance to those in need with very low charges. The clinic is equipped with an X-Ray machine, and Emergency room, laboratory and pharmacy.

Clinica Esperanza Obtaining funds for long term success is Clínica Esperanza’s biggest challenge. Ms. Peggy and her team erected a freestanding building in 2007 – the first phase of a planned two building endeavor that will provide outpatient primary care, urgent care, inpatient treatment, pre-natal and dental services. Clínica Esperanza will need $250,000 annually to continue. Hospitals and clinics in the developing world often fail because they are unable to attract sufficient operation funding for long term survival. This will not happen here. We have formed a Honduran NGO and developed a long-term governance plan including a number of local leaders and medical providers. CLINICA ESPERANZA, ABOVE ALL, IS A CLINIC OF AND FOR THE PEOPLE OF THE BAY ISLANDS.

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