Roatan Charters & Tours

Roatan Charters, Tours Land-Sea-Air

Roatan has become one of the more popular swiss watches bolg for the There’s lots to do on this small island, so get out there and explore!

  1. See the undersea world of the Roatan reef. Some of the best scuba diving in the world can be found in Roatan.
  2. Discover the magic beauty of Roatan on a Sail and Snorkel trip. A trip to paradise should be so nice.
  3. Buy a Day Pass at a local resort. Avoid the crowds and get more for your buck at the Mayan Plaza and Fosters resorts.
  4. Enjoy a great seafood meal in Roatan. The lobsters are not only delicious, but pretty cheap too.
  5. Hire a driver for a private tour of the island. See what you want when you want as you explore the island.
  6. Try your hand at Sportfishing in Roatan. Whether you plan to do some deep sea fishing or fly fishing, Roatan’s a great place to do some angling.
  7. Discover the magic of swimming with a dolphin. Anthony’s Key Resort has been pleasing dolphin lovers for years.
  8. Take to the trails on a horseback ride. It’s a great way to get away from the crowds.
  9. Visit one of Roatan’s Nature Parks. Encounter some of the beautiful flora and fauna that can be found in Roatan.
  10. Take the water taxi between West End and West Bay. It’s an inexpensive trip, but the view is worth every lempira.